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Hello Class!

Welcome to our class. This class will run between this website where you will find the blog, the syllabus, and the assignments and BlackBoard which will be used for submitting graded work.

We have a combination of ungraded “low-stakes” assignments and the final graded assignments. In our class, 75% of your grade is based on group work. This may seem different from other classes and it is. You all do better on your final grades because the combination of work is better than any one could have produced alone.  Teamwork works!

You’re seeing this now because I’ve made it available to the world, but in the next few weeks we will be behind the CUNY wall and the site won’t be available to the outside world. You’ve gotten an invitation to join, please do so as soon as possible, if you haven’t already.

This is our blog. You’ll all be authors on this site so you can upload media and make posts to the site. Please make sure you are in class on the first day.

You’ll always need to use your school email. If you want to complain about being forced to use you CUNY email exclusively, then write to your university officers. Please check your email on a daily basis. I’ll collect your home email address, but please don’t rely on my sending any email to it.

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