Article Summary

Assignment Article Summary

Group members will split up the Blue Ringed Squid document to write a summary of all the sections except the abstract and references –the abstract is a summary and references, well…are references. You can create a google doc, or work inside BB using one of the tools accessible to you. The summary should be about a paragraph of information for each section totaling a page or two when they are combined to make the final document. 

Four students should take one section each to summarize. For those groups of three, you can either ask one participant to work on two sections or you can work together on the summary of the fourth section. Your final summary should be a page or two long with the summaries of each section in order. Of course, the final document should be double-spaced with all your names listed.

The Squid document is attached as well as the template for note taking. Use the template to help you understand the article and write about it as a group. It will allow the group to have a similar point of view.

Areas for attention when you are writing:

  1. Coherence – Does the document reflect a group standard? Does it seem to be written from a single point of view? Or do the different section summaries reflect different points of view?
  2. Understanding – Does the summary reflect an understanding of the article?
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